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newest works:

Tadas Didvalis - Public Transport

Adas Vasiliauskas - Solargraphy

Mindaugas Azusilis - Hideouts of the lonely people - first lithuanian pinhole photography gallery on the net


The basis of pinhole photography is property of light that inverts the outside view in the dark room when it travels through a small hole in the opposite wall. It is known from Aristotelian and Euclidean times and was extensively used by first astronomers and painters, and later it laid a cornerstone in photography and cinema, after Johannes Niepce discovered the method of chemical registration of image produced by camera obscura.

Archaic technology combined with conceptual expression reflects the topicality of modern photography: see things different and use own and unique methods of expression. Our authors use almost primitive camera construction - make them from coffee, tea tins or snuff boxes; even a briefcase serves as a camera. They drill a little hole on one side and put light sensitive material on another, decline all conveniences that are available today: sharp lens, fast shutters, flashes and frame rates.

Roman poet Lucretius echoing the Cave allegory by Plato wrote about charming and sometimes scaring experience of the play of shadows: bright light forces them to run and stumble on the verge of forms, revealing objects transformed and filled with light, making them amazingly powerful in their might to dissolve the edge between imagination and reality and charm in the magic of their primitive shape. Pinhole technique discloses the topography of game of light and shadow: minute or even hourly exposures record transmutation of forms onto photographic medium, thus opening an individual and transcendental experience of visual appearance.


DICE Pinhole Kamera "In Action"

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photo ę Tomas Vy­niauskas